Residential Institutions

              Presently (179) educational institutions are functioning under the control of Gurukulam. In this, (29) Mini Gurukulams - the Primary Educational Complexes meant for the development of low literacy areas are smoothly functioning under the aegis of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India and are being funded by the Ministry.

          Out of the 99 residential schools, 51 residential institutions were sanctioned by our Hon'ble Chief Minister and are currently operating this academic year 2016-17. These institutions cater to the students belonging to Classes V& VI unlike the 38 old residential schools which admit students from Class- V.

          These 38 schools are inclusive of PTGs - schools catering to the Primitive Tribal Groups in the tribal areas of Telangana State - Kerameri and Mannanur. These schools admit children for the Class- III.

Sl.No. Category Classes No. of Institutions Total
Boys Girls Co-Edn
I Residential Schools 5th - 10th 38 45 83
II EMRS Upgraded RJCs 5th - 12th 06 09 15
III Residential Junior Colleges; 11th - 12th 05 06 11
IV Centres for Excellence(COEs) 11th - 12th 10 07 17
V EMRS Jr. College 11th - 12th 01 01
VI Specialized Institutions (Sainik School) 5th - 12th 01 01
VII Residential Degree Colleges 13th - 15th 07 15
VIII Mini Gurukulam 11th - 12th 00 29 29
    Sub-Total 68 111 179


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