Mini Gurukulam

The scheme aims to bridge the gap in literacy levels between the general female population and the tribal population particularly for girls, through facilitating 100% enrollment of tribal girls in the identified Districts or Blocks, more particularly in naxal affected areas and in areas inhabited by Primitive Tribal Groups (PTGs), and reducing drop-outs at the elementary level by creating the required awareness for education.

Improvement of the literacy rate of tribal girls is essential to enable them to contribute for the betterment of the Society and to build a stronger tomorrow.

These Institutions were established to enhance the literacy rate of ST Girls in Tribal areas. 29 Mini Gurukulams are effectively functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India and are catering to the upbringing of students from Classes I to V in a residential set up.                                                                                  Mini Gurukulam Residential Institutions.

Sl.No. Category Scheme Classes No. of Institutions Total
Boys Girls Co-Edn
I Mini Gurukulams   1st to 5th 29 29
    Total 29 29


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