School leaders are equipped with challenging abilities to drive their school culture in totally new ways, with far-reaching consequences. It is quite appreciating that the budding school leaders in our institutions are open for various initiatives. They are on their march to reach the set expectations and to go beyond the horizons.

          Our leaders in the institutions have set some ground rules for themselves and for the students. In order to enhance their leadership abilities and hone their skills, the society has also initiated various programs. Very recently, the society has introduced the Young Leaders’ Summit for the school/college leaders of the twin societies – TGTWREIS and TSWREIS. This leadership gathering was only possible with the able guidance of our Secretary, TGTWREIS(Gurukulam).

          The gathering aimed at facilitating the students to self-transform themselves into leaders of tomorrow. They were trained in basic communication to help them converse fluently in English, Problem-solving, discussions and decision-making. The students from both the societies were teamed into groups to brain-storm various ideas and to come up with solutions to various problems that the institutions are facing currently. This as an ongoing project will help our leaders to address some issues surfacing at the grass-root level.


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