The IIT Study Centre for STs has been established under the aegis of Gurukulam, Tribal Welfare, Government of Telangana in the academic year 2011-12. The Study Centre is residential in nature. The centre has been set up with a view to achieve academic standards of tribal students so that they will secure into the premier institutions such as IIT, NIT, JIPMER, AIIMS etc. and so on.
Colleges of Excellence at Warangal and Mannanur have been established (co-education) with MPC and BiPC groups with 40 ST students in each group with English medium vide G.O.Ms.No:55, SW (TW Edn.II) Dept., dt:06-07-2006.                                                                                                                                          List of IIT/SOE/COE Institutions.

Sl.No. Category Scheme Classes No. of Institutions Total
Boys Girls Co-Edn
I Excellence Institutions IIT Intermediate 1 1
SOEs 8th to 12th 1 1 2
    COEs Intermediate 8 9 17
    Total 09 10 01 20

Students Selected for IIT

Sl.No. Name of the Student


Selected College

Name of the College where the student studied
1 R.Rajkumar Chemical IIT Bombay IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd
2 L.Someshwar Electrical IIT Kanpur IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
3 B.Anvesh Chemical IIT Madras IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
4 V.Venkanna Mechanical IIT Roorke IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
5 V.Santhosh Elec. & Commn IIT Roorke IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
6 M.Bhaskar Elec. & Commn IIT Gkuwahati IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
7 M.Mallelsh Elec. & Commn IIT Gkuwahati IIT SC, Rajendranagar, Hyd.
8 A.Sandeep Mechanical IIT Dhanbad SOE, Khammam
9 J.Vasu Metallurgy IIT Indore SOE, Khammam
10 B.Omkareshwar Eterials Scienced & Metallurgical Engg. IIT Hyderabad RJC(B), Adilabad(ITDA)
11 B.Vinay Eterials Scienced & Metallurgical Engg. IIT, Gandhinagar RJC(B), Adilabad(ITDA)


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