GOs & Circulars

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    G.O.Ms.No.92 TGTWREIS Sanction of Posts for New(03) Akkannapet,Venkatapur Girls & Mungodu Boys
    G.O.Ms.No. 36 TGTWREIS Sanction of New(03) Schools Akkannapet,Venkatapur Girls & Mungodu Boys
    G.O.Ms.No.27 TGTWREIS Sanction of Posts for New(02) Mahabubbad and Hanmajipet Girls
    G.O.Ms.No. 2 TGTWREIS Sanction of New(02) Schools Mahabubbad and Hanmajipet Girls
    G.O.Ms.No. 41 TGTWREIS Sanction of New(01) School Huzurnagar along with Posts,dt 29-11-2019
    G.O.Ms.No. 147 TGTWREIS Degree Colleges (22),Teaching & Non-teaching Posts,dt 12-10-2017
    GO No 87 - TGTWREIS Sanction of Posts for New(50) Schools and Head Office Posts,dt 05-07-2016
    G.O.Ms.No. 40 TGTWREIS Degree Colleges (22),Rc.No.C1/12462/2016,dated 16.06.2017
    G.O.MS.No. 21 TGTWREIS 50 New Schools, Rc.No.C/2165/2016,dated 29.04.2016
    G.O.MS.No. 17 TGTWREIS Sanction of Tribal Welfare Residential School for Girls at Manala of Balkonda Constituency, Nizamabad District – Orders – issued
    Rc.No.C1/AP Foods/2012-14 Supply of Snack food & Hot food mixes manufactured in AP Foods
    Rc.No.17697/KGBV/2014 KGBV - Joint Signatories with Principals of APTWRS ......
    Rc.No.D2/Acad/16653/2013 Organizing of Training Prgrammes by the Gurukulam T.A & DA bills of the Teachers
    Rc.No.17284/D3/Acad./2013 Minutes of the meeting of principals of COEs/SOEs held on 08-11-2013 at Gurukulam HO
    KGBV KGBV Guidelines for the year 2013-14
    KGBV KGBV Annexures to Guidelines for the year 2013-14
    Uniform Cloth Indent Uniform Cloth Indent 2013-14 (RS, RJC, KGBV, MG)
    Lr.Rc.No.C2/16045/2013 Revised Rice Allotment 2013-14
    Note Books Indent Note Books Indent 2013-14 (RS, RJC, KGBV, MG)
    Rc.No.Acad/D2/16369/2013 Discontinuation of MLT & MPHW Vocational courses from the Academic Year 2013-14
    G.O.Ms.No. 21 Supply of Food Items to Govt. Welfare Hostels to permit A.P.Foods to supply the food products
    G.O.Ms.No. 1549 Allotment AP Rural Development Land to Tribal Welfare Dept. limited to Acres 5.00 -orders
    G.O.Ms.No. 349 Upgradation of RS Miryalaguda to RJC Miryalaguda, Nalgonda dist.
    G.O.Ms.No. 348 Sanction of Residential School for Girls in Devarakonda, Nalgonda District along with staff
    Rc.No.C1/15850/2012 Enhanced Diet Charges to Gurukulam Institutions MG, KGBV
    Rc.No.C1/15850/2012 Enhanced Diet Charges to Gurukulam Institutions - RS, PTG, RJC, SOE
    Rc.No.C3/13393/2012 Aahar Cards to all students studying in Gurukulam Institutions Instructions issued
    Proc.Rc.No.12183/B2/2012 Deputation of one Supdt and one Sr. Assts in ITDA Districts ......... as Gurukulam cell in-charges
    Rc.No.B2/778/2012 Furnish the particulars of ttrainings for conversion of subject change in teaching category
    Rc.No.B2/778/2009 Furnish the particulars of Non-Teaching staff for conversion of TGTs post
    GO.Ms.No.40 Post-Matric Scholarships - Enhancement and fixing of uniform rates of monthly Maintenance
    GO.Ms.No.39 Enhancement of Diet Charges for all boarders in Government SC, ST, BC, ....
    Rc.No.11808 Gurukulam staff working on deputation/ OD basis / inst.... - Repatriated on administrative grounds
    Rc.No.14582/D1/Acad/2012 IIT,JEE:Intensive program-certain inst. to the Principals & staff of SOE, COE, IIT study centre
    Rc.No.G2/Disc/Cases/2012 Pending Disciplinary Cases - Inquiry Reports Called for - Reg
    Rc.No.A1/2282/2011 Implementation of Automatic Advancement Scheme in RPS 2010 - Instructions - issued
    Memo.Rc.No.E2/02/M.R./2012 Submission of Medical bills for reimbursement - Certain instructions
    Rc.No.15369/D1-Acad/2012 Utilization of software application to furnish the marks
    Rc.No.15171/D1/Acad./2012 Preparing SSC students as comfortable to write public exams in English medium only
    Rc.No.Accts/F2/14334/2012-13 Release of funds through on-line system - Certain Instructions
    Transfer Counselling - 2012 Transfer Counselling for the year 2012-13
    KGBV-Guidelines Revised Guidelines for implementation of KGBVs for the year 2012-13
    Note Books 2012-13 Indent for Requirement of Note Books (RS, RJC, MG, KGBV) for the Year 2012-13
    CCS.Ref.NoPDS.II(4)/1255/2012 Civil Supplies Rice Indent and Allotment for the Year 2012-13 (RS, RJC, MG, KGBV)
    Rc.No.14400/D1/Acad./2012 Inst. to the Principals / SOs / HMs of APTWRS/KGBVs/MGs of GKLM - Reg. academic activities
    Rc.No.4061/Accts/F1/2010 Guide lines for maintenance of Acounts, Bills and Procrument etc.
    Procs.Rc.No:B1/14042/2012 Bifurcation of Upgraded Residential Jr. Colleges at Asifabad(G), Kuravi (G) & Kulakacherla
    Rc.No.B2/14106/201-12 Sanction of DA Rs.150/- to non-teaching staff working on Contract/ Outsourcing basis
    Rc.No. B1/10899/2011-12 Sanction of Special allowances to the Staff working OD/Deputation basis
    Cir.Rc.No:B2/14041/2012 Guidelines for Performance oriented Transfers through counseling for the year 2012
    Minutes of the meeting Minutes of the Internal Audit review meeting held on 15.05.2012
    Rc.No:13306/D1/Acad/2012 in entry point class 5th in all Residential Schools and Back log Vacancies (if any)
    Rc.No.12780/Acad/D1/2012 into intermediate 1st year in COEs / SOEs for the Academic year 2012-13
    20th BOG Minutes 20th BOG Meeting Minutes
    Rc.No.12780/Acad/D1/2012 Common Entrance Test for Admission into Intermediate Ist year with Integrated Coaching
    Rc.No.1709/Accts/2011-12 Release of Salaries for the month of January,2012 - Instructions
    Cir.Memo No.2021/Accts/2011-12 Updation of data in Financial Accounting System of their Institutions for the year 2011-12
    Rc.Nio:E1/2965-2011 Circular - Enhancement of Remuneration
    Rc.No.C2/2645/2011 Two months Indent for Supply of Essential Commodities
    No.Mktg/M6/1924/2011 APSCSCL - Supply of Essential Commodities
    Proc.Rc.No:E1/2965-2011 Enhancement of Remuneration to Part time Teachers
    Proc.RC.No:E1/3351/2011 Enhancement of Maternity leave to Women CTRs
    Rc.No.B3/6748/2010 Sanction of Casual leaves to the Contract Non-Teaching
    No.C1/6171/2010 Students Health Information Circular (Memo) - 1
    G.O.Rt.No.758 RVM(SSA) - Register the KGBV Society
    No.C1/3929/2010 Bio-Metric - Circular
    No.C1/6171/2010 Students Health Information Circular
    G.O.Ms.No.55 TW Dept. Starting Institutions of COE
    G.O.Ms.No.42 TW Dept. Starting Institutions of SOE
    G.O.Ms.No. 36 Social Welfare Department
    G.O.Ms.No. 51 Social Welfare Department
    G.O.Ms.No. 52 Social Welfare Department
    G.O.Ms.No. 53 Social Welfare Department
    Rc.No.2218/KGBV/2011 Instructions to POs for filling up of Posts in KGBVs
    Rc.No.Spl(A)/KGBV/2011 KGBV - Sailent Features Issued by RVM
    Rc.No.3179/KGBV/2009 Maternity Leave for CRTs working in KGBVs
    Cir.Memo No.2021/Accts/2010 Discarting Manual books of accounts maintenance and use of online Financila Accounting System
    Cir.Memo No.F2/2021/2010-11 Use of Online Financial Accounting system (FAS) for all the transactions at HO of GKLM & Inst.
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