New Dishes for Gurukulam Students

              Eating poori, idly, dosa, noodles, mysore bonda, chicken, mutton, ghee, delicious pickle, pakoda and papads will not be a luxury for the marginalized students anymore. Gone are the days of the TGTWREIS children sleeping with half stomach. The Tribal Welfare Residential children will be provided with sumptuous and nutritious food from this academic year. The Society is all set to combat malnutrition among the deprived children by providing a balanced diet as per the recommendations of the National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Hyderabad. Thanks to the Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao for enhancing mess charges to secure the health and well-being of the marginalized children.

          The TGTWREIS(Gurukulam) has rewritten its menu chart and is poised to provide a nutritious diet, hitherto unheard of in the annals of the government run welfare educational institutions in the country. Non-veg will be provided 6 times a month, four times chicken and two times mutton. Ghee and delicious pickle will be served for lunch and dinner everyday. Rice based breakfast items like lemon rice, dal rice, kichidi are the thing of the past. Children will be served with yummy mysore bonda, poori, chapathi, noodles and idly for breakfast. Cookies and pakoda will be given for snacks in the evening.

Sl.No. Name of the Item Day
1 Mutton 2 times per month (every 1st & 3rd Sunday)
2 Chicken 4 times per month (every 2nd & 4th Sunday),(every 2nd & 4th Wednusday)
3 Poori Every Thursday
4 UPMA Every Monday
5 Chapathi/BONDA with CHATNY Every Sunday Breakfast


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