Counseling & Guidance

Counseling, a new term and a profession, which has very recently emerged in today’s world has become very prominent in every circle. There are counselors who take up this field of counseling very religiously and are counseling, guiding and facilitating people especially on personal problems and difficulties.

In order to cater to the needs of our children in the TGTWR institutions, the society has come up with this initiative of providing guidance and counseling services. School Counseling was domain which was strongly the need of the hour, for the children from various background with different mindsets.

In India, Central Board of Seconday Education guidelines expect one school counselor to be appointed in every affiliated school who fits best in to the role of a counselor and an educator who works in elementary, middle and high schools to provide academic, career, prepare the students for college and for personal/social competencies.

Counselors visit the institutions and provide counseling and feedback to the students and submit their report to the Head Office. Most of the issues like low self-esteem, stage fear, memory retention, attention disorders and tips to improve on concentration, stress management and many more to list out are dealt quite meticulously by the trained counselors through activities, role play and stories.


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