Success does not lie in “RESULTS”, but in “EFFORTS”, “BEING” the BEST is not so important, “DOING” the BEST is all that matters

Mr. Kethavath Thourya, an exemplary personality, strived hard for success amidst turmoil, bagged the Railway Ministry Award and the General Manager Award with his undaunted spirit and technical caliber surmounted the pinnacles of his career.


1. Sir, could you please tell us something about your schooling?
I am K. Thourya, hailing from of Teldevarpalli Village, Chandampet Mandal, Devara Konda Constituency, Nalgonda District of Telangana State. I did my schooling at AP Residential school of Eturunagaram of Warangal district.

2. Sir, could you please share some of your memorable experiences of your school or hostel days?
In 1986, AP Residential School, Eturu Nagaram, was badly affected by floods and was submerged under water as the water level rose up to the height of an electric pole and all students supported each other and migrated to a building, which was still under construction, collecting all the school furniture and trunk boxes of students without any loss of life. That period was very crucial and taught me how to face hardships and turmoils in life.

3. Sir, could you please share a memorable moment of your life with us?
Our 5th class residential exam was scheduled on Oct 31st 1984. Unfortunately, the then Prime Minister, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, was assassinated and as a result exam was conducted on the Children’s Day (Nov 14th) at the Residential School, Sarvel of Nalgonda district. On November 25th my father expired and I received the joining call letter for AP Residential School, Eturunagaram on November 26th. I was forced to quit education and look after the agriculture. I ran away to join the residential school in Eturunagaram.

4. Sir, what are the skills an IAS/IPS/IRS/IES should possess to deliver their best service to the people?
Committment, hardwork, positive approach, industrial relationship, social responsibility with integrity are the basic essentials to deliver our best to the society.

5. Please let us know your feelings once you have achieved this position.
Under unavoidable circumstances, I have joined in NHPC (National Hydro Power Corporation) for employment and my batch strength was 19. My batch-mates were preparing for Indian Engineering Services (IES) and they encouraged and motivated me to appear for IES. Finally, I got through the Engineering Services Exam-1997 and joined Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers (IRSEE-97) and got the opportunity to work in the esteemed organization of Indian Railways.

6. Who are your role models and the driving force behind?
From my childhood onwards I have a passion to become an Engineer and this passion ultimately grew by receiving due encouragement from my near and dear ones and from my school ttrainings. They are the driving force behind me. I am a strong believer in God and I feel that the true form of God is witnessed in the teachers’ helping hands.

7. Sir, could you please let us know in what way you would like to serve the tribal community?
I am delighted to contribute to the group of intellectual people and by associating with the community group in order to uplift the standards of education, health and working towards eradicating social evils. Working with NGO group ‘GBWS’, established 8 libraries in various locations for competitive exam preparation, awareness on employment opportunities, education of the girl child, RO plant of 250 liters capacity to APRS Eturu Nagaram, through corporate social responsibility funds and also Another project is under the pipeline for smart learning library (e-library) for ashram school, Achampet, Mahaboobnagar district.

8. Sir, what are the changes that you would like to bring about in the society in the near future?
Education with quality is a key for social, ecological, economical and sustainable consistent development. The Government should give thrust to the primary education with improved quality and promote the concept-based education and girl-child education supplemented with veritable aspects of health and nutrition.

9.What is the message you would like to give to the young generation of today?
To learn value based education and turn it as the way of life by leading a dignified life having consciousness towards social responsibility.


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