The academic perspective of Gurukulam is to create vibrant centers for learning which provide a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically and develop into ethically strong and morally elevated individuals.

Our mission is to partner effectively with the efforts of our students and ensure that they succeed and turn out to be responsible citizens of our country, good resources for the development of the nation and faithful family members. Our mission is to empower the child use his/her own academic, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional potential and channelize them for the welfare of the individual and the society as a whole.

Our vision is to outreach and help every child outperform in the best possible way and extend our contribution in actively serving and improving our community for a better tomorrow. The institutions functioning under Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions’ Society known as Gurukulams aim at delivering the academic standards as per the set standards.

To meet the desired expectations, Gurukulam has also included various activities and initiatives into the curriculum and has thus customized it. The customized curriculum caters to the all-round development of the individual bridging the gap with respect to the current advancements.

Calendar of Events

The thus devised curriculum and the approaches that suit the learning needs and environment has given rise to the TGTWREIS Academic Calendar of Events. It chronicles all the events and happenings at the institutional level which are inclusive of Daily routine on a working day and a holiday which has to be very rigorously followed, Morning Assembly Procedure, Observance of Important Days & Occasions, Academic Programme constituting Scholastic and Co-Scholastic activities, Tests & Exams and Administrative Activities .

The calendar comprises of a list of curricular and extra-curricular activities and serves as a facilitator for the student as well as the Principal/teacher for a smooth functioning of the system. This calendar of events aims at uniformity and accord across all institutions of the TGTWREI Society.


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